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Welcome to Simple Oddments Pack, guests! We're the pack that's simple but fun to be in, with our plot shaped by our members and characters and a territory that expands with each new member. The pack changes and moves with the seasons, each generation brings something new to the table, and every member is connected with each other.

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Weather Conditions

Season: Early winter
Location : Winter Grounds
Mating Season: Yes
Birthing Season : No
Newcomers: Accepting
Relatives : Accepting
Non-Relatives : Accepting
Males: 0 total, Accepting
Females: 2 total, Accepting

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Past Rulers of SOC

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1 Past Rulers of SOC on Sun Oct 19, 2014 12:05 pm

Founder : Fenris

Fenris was the very first Patriarch. He discovered the land here with his mate, Erika, and her brother, Even. He sired four pups; two males, two females.

Founder : Erika

Erika was the first Matriarch. She came to the land with her mate, Fenris, and her older brother, Even. She birthed Asta, Dusty, Fell, and Iona.

2nd Matriarch : Asta "the Bear Hunter"

Asta was the child of the founders Fenris and Erika. Notably, she fought off four bears in her lifetime. She birthed Octavius and Dukane.

2nd Patriarch : Augustus

Augustus was Even's mate's brother. He was much younger than Even, but a year ahead of Asta, his mate. He followed his sister, Agnes, to the pack. He sired two pups; two sons.

3nd Patriarch : Octavius

Octavius was the firstborn of Augustus and Asta, and came to rule early as his mother died when chasing off a bear and his father retired. Octavius sired the most (surviving) pups, having six sons and three daughters.

3nd Matriarch : Zendaya

Zendaya found the pack from a distant land. Octavius immediately took her as a mate, and together they had Xavia, Zelda, Zeta, Xander, Augustus II, Antonia, Ivan, Gaius, and Ceasar.

4th Patriarch : Gaius "the Conqueror"

Eighth child of Octavia and Zendaya is the feared Gaius. It is rumoured that he murdered most of his siblings and even a few of his cousins, aunts and uncles to get to power, though some say he didn't have the guts to kill them and only threatened them.

4th Matriarch : Lexie

Lexi was a peaceful female from the nearest pack, which happened to be several miles away. She brought knowledge of other clans and introduced the idea of not having the firstborn lead the pack, but the most promising. Some claim she tamed the beast within Gaius, even. She birthed three pups by him: Cassius, Napolean and young Kahlua.

5th Patriarch : Napolean "the Almighty"

Napolean, 5th Patriarch, was the first to break the mould of "first come, first serve." He didn't even kill or threaten his brother into submission like his father did before him. He was well known for his victory in fending off a large band of rouges in an invasion. He had two daughters.

5th Matriarch : Lilyana "the Loony"

There were rumours that the Matriarch next to the beloved Napolean was crazy. It turns out she was one of the rouges that attacked the pack but became a turncoat just before battle.It is debatable whether she was a coward or just a traitor. Nonetheless, she mothered Sakarri and Rosella.

6th Matriarch : Rosella "the Charmer"

Rosella was a moderate leader, more or less fair, but quite the flirt. Even as she had a mate and pups she charmed any male she came across. She had five pups, but it is somewhat dubious that they are Hawk's, despite them looking just like him.

6th Patriarch : Hawk

Some think the previous dispersal turned a blind eye to his mate's cheating so he could keep his position of Patriarch, others say that he was just gullible. He gave Rosella Crow, Raven, Ophelia, Alexander and Caspian.

7th Matriarch : Crow

Crow was the wolf that lived to be 17 years old - a record. During her young days, she birthed a single heir named Chantey.

7th Patriarch : Ciel

Ciel came from the same pack as Lexie, except from different parents. He gave Crow a daughter two years after they came to rule.

8th Matriarch : Chantey

Chantey was an only child since her sibling was stillborn. Chantey ruled with an iron fist and was heavy on punishment. Chantey weeded out the weak in the pack during her reign, even banishing the runt of her three sons.

8th Patriarch : Odin

Odin came to the pack as an orphan when but four months old. He was always close with Chantey when they grew up together, so it was unsurprising when they became mates. They named their first son Fenrir, after the father of their pack, and the other two Deimus and Victor.

9th Patriarch : Deimus

Deimus challenged his older brother and won when he saw that he was exactly like his mother: Merciless. Apparently, the change of fate shocked his mother into her grave, for she died young, of a heart-attack. It was considered The Golden Age under Deimus' rule, for he ruled so well and all were welcomed into the pack. He had three daughters and a son.

9th Matriarch : Samantha

Sam was one of the many loners that Deimus welcomed. He captured her heart the minute she saw him. She whelped the heirs Destiny, Serenity, Salvation and Righteous.

10th Matriarch : Salvation "the Saviour"

Salvation was big number ten, and she surely lived up to it. The pack from which her grandma Lexie had come from declared war to take over their territory after their herds vanished. Surprisingly, Salvation fought them off and led her warriors to victory.

10th Patriarch : Issac

Issac was born in the pack from a couple of loners. Though they grew up together, Issac and Salvation didn't take any interest in each other until they were older. They had River and Seker together.

11th Patriarch : Seker

Seker was one of the last to have the blood of a Southern Rockies Wolf before he tragically died. He had Dynamite with his mate, Lucy, before he was shot.

11th Matriarch : Lucy

Lucy was a good wolf. Very friendly with a great sense of humour. She came from a place very far from the pack, the furtherest any  wolf in the pack has travelled. She birthed the next heir before she came to a early end in a forest fire only a few months after her mate's death.

12th Matriarch : Randy

Current leading Matriarch. Her parents died when just as she was approaching her third birthday and came onto the throne early. What her reign will bring? Only time will tell.

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