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Welcome to Simple Oddments Pack, guests! We're the pack that's simple but fun to be in, with our plot shaped by our members and characters and a territory that expands with each new member. The pack changes and moves with the seasons, each generation brings something new to the table, and every member is connected with each other.

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Weather Conditions

Season: Early winter
Location : Winter Grounds
Mating Season: Yes
Birthing Season : No
Newcomers: Accepting
Relatives : Accepting
Non-Relatives : Accepting
Males: 0 total, Accepting
Females: 2 total, Accepting

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The Sovereign Clan

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1 The Sovereign Clan on Sun Oct 19, 2014 11:12 am

♚ The Sovereign Clan ♚
The family of the leaders, their pups, their brothers, sisters, parents, cousins, nephews and nieces.
It is by tradition that the current leading [bloodline/heir] Matriarch or Patriarch comes from this family.
It has come to be called the "Sovereign Clan" because of this.


Information :
Accepting Pups? : NO
Accepting Adopted Children? : NO
Accepting Siblings? : YES
Accepting Aunts/Uncles? : YES
Accepting Cousins? : YES
Accepting Mates? : YES


Members :
Key :
SOC : Roleplayed character [in pack]
: Male
: Female

List / Point SekerSireDeceased
List / Point Lucy - DamDeceased
List / Point PiperCousinAlive  ➭ SOC

List / Point ?SireDeceased [?]
List / Point ? - DamDeceased [?]
List / Point RandyCousinAlive  ➭ SOC


Joining :
Name :
Gender :
Link To Biography :
Desired Relationship[s] :

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