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Welcome to Simple Oddments Pack, guests! We're the pack that's simple but fun to be in, with our plot shaped by our members and characters and a territory that expands with each new member. The pack changes and moves with the seasons, each generation brings something new to the table, and every member is connected with each other.

Will you join us? Register now! Follow the instructions listed in your welcoming PM from there!
Hello, Guest! Welcome to the pack's site. If you wish to join, remember to use your CHARACTER'S NAME as your USERNAME when you register.
We're currently looking for a Patriarch! There is a form in the Joining Thread for guests, as well as a form here for members.

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Weather Conditions

Season: Early winter
Location : Winter Grounds
Mating Season: Yes
Birthing Season : No
Newcomers: Accepting
Relatives : Accepting
Non-Relatives : Accepting
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Posting Your Biography

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1 Posting Your Biography on Sun Oct 19, 2014 6:04 am

When you open a new topic in the Biography section, a code will pop up. Copy that code and paste it in the textbox below [where it says "message"]. Once you have done that, start filling it out [click on the spoiler below for an example and explanation of what it would look like]. Once you have finished filling it out, submit it then just wait for a Sergeant or Moderator to read through it and accept it. Be sure to fix up any mistakes they find in it!

How Your Biography Should Be Laid Out:
➭ Name : The name of your character. Example - Steve.
➭ Gender : Male or female; whatever gender your character is.
➭ Age : The age of your character in normal years. 2 years is full grown, 8 years is elder.

➭ Build : The general build of your character. Examples - Broad, strong, slim, tall, short, etc.
➭ Fur Colour and Markings : The colour and unique markings of your character's pelt. Example - Dark brown with a cream underbelly and two white stripes under the right eye.
➭ Eye Colour : The colour and shade of your character's eyes. Example - Dark emerald green.
➭ Scars : Any wounds, injuries or scars your character might have. Example - One scar over right eye and missing half of tail to a bear.

➭ Personality : Some traits and the general behaviour of your character. Example - Aggressive, mean spirited, stubborn, rash, smart aleck, sarcastic, etc.

➭ History : The general sum up of your character's past up to the current time: Their childhood, adolescence, and adulthood, etc. Example - Steve had a uneventful puphood, being the next heir to his pack. When he hit one year of age his training started. Though he exceeded at everything except stealth and Wisdom of Herbs, his father was a rough coach. Nothing but the best would satisfy him, for he expected his son to be the best leader in the pack yet, even surpassing himself! Steve decided this wasn't the life for him, and left in the middle of the night to find his own destiny. He now roams the territory in search for his future. *Please note that if you have your character related to another, they have to have similar histories if they grew up together.

➭ Mate : The beloved of your character that they have [been] asked to be their spouse.
➭ Pups : The offspring of your character and another's.
➭ Other Family Within Pack : Other characters that are in the pack that your character is related to by blood.
➭ Link To Family Tree : The direct url to your character's family tree in the Lineages board.

➭ Strength : Strength defines how hard you can hit and how much damage you do when you attack. You have 100 points to split between these two skills.
➭ Speed : Speed determines how fast your character is and is used for hunting [if you have lower speed than your prey then you cannot bite it unless their health is below 60]. You have 100 points to split between these two skills.

➭ Acceptance Code :  The code in which you need to be accepted. The three pieces of it is found in the rules and guides. A moderator will edit this out of your biography once you have been accepted.
The Code/Template For Your Biography:
Copy the code below:
[center][size=24][font=Copperplate] {INSERT CHARACTER NAME HERE} [/font][/size]

➭ Name :
➭ Gender :
➭ Age :

➭ Build :
➭ Fur Colour and Markings :
➭ Eye Colour :
➭ Scars :

➭ Personality :

➭ History :

➭ Mate :
➭ Pups :
➭ Other Family Within Pack :
➭ Link To Family Tree :

➭ Acceptance Code : [/center]

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