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Welcome to Simple Oddments Pack, guests! We're the pack that's simple but fun to be in, with our plot shaped by our members and characters and a territory that expands with each new member. The pack changes and moves with the seasons, each generation brings something new to the table, and every member is connected with each other.

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Hello, Guest! Welcome to the pack's site. If you wish to join, remember to use your CHARACTER'S NAME as your USERNAME when you register.
We're currently looking for a Patriarch! There is a form in the Joining Thread for guests, as well as a form here for members.

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All about Piper
Health :
100 / 100100 / 100
Toughness :
0 / 1000 / 100
Grace :
0 / 1000 / 100
Gender :
Age :
4 Years
Mate :
*Howls endlessly*
Current Rank :
eh, idk.
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